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Fit testing for Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)

As per the AS/NZS 1715 standard, respirator fit testing is recommended to be
incorporated into an employers health monitoring program if workers are required to wear half masks or full faced respirators at work due to the hazards in the

Fit testing ensures that workers respiratory protective equipment is the correct size, seal and fit. Facial characteristics vary from person to person and it is unlikely that one model and size of RPE will fit every employee the same. RPE must be
appropriate for the size of the persons face and create a tight seal around the face to be effective.

Fit testing should be completed annually or if there is a change in equipment used or a significant change to the
employee’s facial characteristics such as weight loss, gain or dental work. 

Our nurses  are appropriately trained as per the standards and able to provide qualitative fit testing that involves a 25 minute test that includes education and training around the use, maintenance and storage of RPE and a practical test
involving smell and taste to ensure the correct fit of allocated RPE.